Cross Canadian Ragweed

The southern rockers in Cross Canadian Ragweed—who, it should be noted, aren't Canadian at all (their band name is derived from elements of the four members' last names: Cross, Canada, Ragsdale and, um, Plato); they're from Oklahoma—are, at worst, an act you wouldn't mind playing your favorite bar and, at best, as good as a roadhouse band can get.

2007's Mission California, the band's sixth studio effort, finds the band trending a bit away from the rock spectrum and moving a tad more toward the country end of things, but it still left room for one insane, ass-kicking track of drunken Southern rock: "Smoke Another" is a raucous ode to partying as hard as you can, and with stereotypical lead guitar riffs and lyrics that start right off with a bang ("Smoke another cigarette/Drink some more booze"), there's enough fire in this song alone to leave the bona fide roadhouse stripes on Cross Canadian Ragweed's sleeves. Hell, Dalton Ross would be proud to bounce for a bar with a house band like this. Unfortunately for the folks in Fort Worth—who will undoubtedly get a kick out of this gig, it's right up their belt-buckle alley—this is just another stop on the road for Cross Canadian Ragweed's tour.


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