Cross Canadian Ragweed's 4th Annual Red Dirt Roundup

Far as I can tell, there's no real rhyme or reason behind Cross Canadian Ragweed's hosting a festival in Fort Worth's Stockyards. And if there is, well, I'll be damned if it explains how the Oklahoma-based band has been able to host this ordeal now for four years in a row.

But, somehow, here we are, looking at yet another one of these annual CCR-hosted events. Crazier than that, though, is the lineup that's been assembled for it. 'Cause, thing is, a bunch of these bands are pretty interesting—in some cases more so than the band that's hosting the shindig. Seriously. The Wallflowers? The Gourds? Dallas' own Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights? Robert Earl Keen? Charlie Robison? Lucero? Band of Heathens? Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit? Those are some intriguing red dirt names right there.

Say what you will about the headlining act's at-times bland take on the subgenre, but at the very least, credit CCR for not being afraid to call in some favors.


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