Smell that? It might be the scent of your roommate's fifth bong rip today. It could also just be Curren$y's tour bus nearing the Texas state line.

As if you didn't already know that rap music and pot go together like alcohol and Taco Bell, Curren$y has made a career out of reinforcing the relationship. Over the past year, Curren$y has released multiple music videos designed to simulate a smoking session between the viewer and the rapper. But Curren$y's stoned narrative is not what makes him relevant, though. It's his stoned delivery.

And at this point, the up-and-coming, blog-approved Curren$y may have actually mastered the unmodulated flow that so many rappers employ. Even when he is stretching syllables and wordplays to their breaking point, he does so in a way that's hardly noticeable. In a game where most rappers try damn hard to appear as though they're not trying, Curren$y's flow is winning.



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2709 Elm St.
Dallas, TX 75226-1425


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