Current Leaves

If you're a regular reader of this section you've surely seen us sing the praises of Denton's Current Leaves before. Unfortunately, last year's Pastense is still essentially a limited CD-R release, a near criminal offense considering it might be the best platter of psychedelic country served up since the demise of California's sorely missed Beachwood Sparks. Wednesday night the band previews songs from their forthcoming sophomore record at Hailey's, where they'll be joined by Austinites Pink Nasty—on the road supporting her long-awaited second album Mold the Gold—and the Black, who admirably ape Dylan at Newport on numbers such as "Eshu Blues" and the irresistible "Cellblock" ("How is your cellblock treating you?/What can I say, it's my cellblock too"). Current Leaves keyboardist Glenn Farris opens with a rare solo set.


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