Cut Copy, Holy Ghost!, Foals, The Naked & Famous

Cut Copy has taken a step back in time with their latest release, Zonoscope—but not in a lame, copycat kind of way. While the band has progressed in its antics, image and status in the indie-music world, its sound has never before been so steeped in '80s pop aesthetics. Clearly, the band from down under has torn a page or two out of the good ol' '80s music handbook on this release, what with their song "Take Me Over" mimicking Men At Work's 1981 classic hit "Land Down Under." And "Sun God" sounds like it could have been performed by The Talking Heads. Crazy as all this sounds, it somehow manages to avoid sounding derivative.

It's these evocative elements, paired with the indie-electro act's knack for irresistible dance anthems, that makes Zonoscope so much fun. And the crowds have responded in kind. The band kicked off its North American leg of its Zonoscope tour at Miami's Ultra Music Festival on March 26, and has been playing to sold-out crowds and venues across the nation ever since.

It helps that this is one powerhouse of a touring bill: When the band stops through Dallas, it will do so with equally entertaining indie-dance act Holy Ghost!, enjoyable indie rockers Foals and up-and-coming New Zealand buzz band The Naked & Famous.


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