Dallas Punk News...From Finland?

Dallas Punk News...From Finland?

Brad Bevill, guitarist for old-school area punkers, Greyskull, is currently working for a digital marketing/advertising agency in Finland. But Bevill promises to return to town in July with some new music in tow. Apparently, when not learning how to con honest folks out of their money overseas, he's has been writing new songs for his band.

“Greyskull will have shows this summer,” Bevill says. “We also hope to record a full-length CD in 2009.”

The band’s last release, the excellent Pretty in Ink EP, was ear candy for those who enjoy classic punk along the lines of The Ramones, Misfits and Black Flag. But Bevill says he's actually expanding his musical horizons. At some point in the near future, he plans on forming a rootsy side project.

“It’ll be a renegade country band--sort of punkabilly,” Bevill says. “The name of the band isn’t final, but we are thinking either The Ball and Chain Gang, The Jailhouse Poets or Somewhere Between.”

Alert punks will recognize that Social Distortion inspired each of those designations.

So besides planning out his musical and professional careers, how is Bevill making out in such a far-flung locale as Finland?

“The food is not good and I miss Tex-Mex real bad,” says Bevill. “But the girls are hot if you are into blondes with blue eyes.”

Sounds tough. Maybe somebody can express mail this guy some take-out from Chuy’s. --Darryl Smyers


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