"Dallas Week" Continues On MTV.com With Too $hort and Bun B

...and as the above video in MTV's series of "Dallas Week" clips shows, they're both recording with Play-N-Skillz, who're currently working with Bun B on the final UGK album. But, aside from that, the video's kinda short (pun definitely intended) on Dallas ties. The accompanying story, however, explains why Houston's Bun B is big on Dallas...

"Dallas has always been a big supporter of Houston hip-hop," Bun said. "A lot of us would not have broken on a major scale if Dallas hadn't been there to be that second major market to pick up on us and help break us. A lot of artists in Houston got broken in Dallas first before they got broken in Houston in a major way. A lot of people will be surprised that Dallas has always been the number-one market for UGK. Dallas has always bought 10 to 15 more copies of every UGK album than Houston."

OK, then. In other news, this Web site has a review of the GS Boyz's "Stanky Legg" and kinda rips it apart. But take it with a grain of salt--the guy's a Blue October fan...


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