"Dallas Week" Continues, This Time With B-Hamp and The GS Boyz

Alright, so, "Dallas Week" just keeps on keeping on over on MTV.com and, since, as I wrote before, I don't have MTVu in my cable package, well, I have no clue if these are running anywhere but online.

The thing about these clips that get me is that they're just so short. They barely scratch the surface of what's happening here in hip-hop and with the D-Town Boogie.

I guess you can't really expect that much more from minute-long clips, but whatever.

Here's my question: Are these clips enough to make anyone outside of Dallas care? We Dallasites are probably a little too close to the story to tell, right? So it's not like what we're seeing is any kind of new news for us. I wonder how out-of-towners feel...

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