Darcy, Uba and Fracas

The sophisticated pop smarts of Denton's Darcy can either make a listener start singing along or dismiss them with a sneer and a hardy, "Oh, come on!" Such pleasant numbers as "Alien," "As She Waits" and "Police" feature the fey, whispered vocals of Dustin Aguilar, and it's safe to say that Mr. Aguilar is an acquired taste. But the rest of this able quartet make just enough of the right kind of noise to right the course. Think Weezer mixed with the Decemberists and you sort of get the idea. Adding needed levity to the bill will be Dallas' own Fracas. "I'll need a little of your financing to bang my head," shouts frontman Langdon Jones, reveling in the sophomoric glee of a spoiled adolescence. Along with bassist Nick Upperman and drummer Matt Chappel, Jones takes punk down to its lowest common denominator: drunkenness. "Shout for Your Mama," "Dallas Surburbia" and "Paraphernalia" are songs anyone could have written if enough beers had been ingested, and that's exactly what makes them so wonderful.


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