Dave Koz

For better and worse, saxophonist Dave Koz has always suffered from a physical and musical resemblance to David Sanborn. While both men ply their craft within the dreaded smooth jazz/adult contemporary genre, it would be erroneous to label what Koz does as simply background music. Although definitely smooth, Koz's way with soprano, alto, tenor and occasionally baritone saxophones is nothing short of miraculous.

Always recruiting a band of skilled instrumentalists, recent releases such as Memories of a Winter's Night and Golden Slumbers: A Father's Love might suffer a tad from their over-earnest titles and lack of upbeat tempos—but live, Koz and crew are capable of working up a sweat as they edge closer to what true jazz ought to encompass.

Koz is also something of a hero in the gay community as he came out publicly in 2004, and his career suffered no ill effects. Indeed, Koz seems to have flourished, as he was named by People magazine as one of their "50 Hottest Bachelors" that same year. Gay, straight or hot, Koz makes music of intelligence and beauty. Perhaps a bit mellow for the typical crowd at this venue, the supple sounds of Koz should provide a peaceful respite for those in the right frame of mind.


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