DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 8: The O's

...and, for the Youtube inclined, here's your link.

Last Wednesday night, Taylor Young and John Pedigo, known 'round these parts as the thunderdoggin' folk duo The O's , stopped by and bro'd down at SPACE Studios for yet another installment of DC9 in SPACE , our eight episode into the ongoing series.

Bad decisions were made... someone mentioned getting into bed... Hal pulled out a camera... it was weird. Entertaining, though, for sure. Check it out above.

Oh, and think about stopping by for tonight's taping, too, if you've got the chance. It's gonna be a pretty cool little taping--so much so that we're breaking our own "secret performer" rule (just this once... for now) and opening up the floodgates. Basically, we think we've got a pretty cool idea for tonight's shoot with local retro-futuristic hip-hop act Damaged Good$ --and we think it just needs a crowd. Plus, I think the guys told me they might be debuting some new tracks? We'll see.

Stop on by SPACE (2814 Main St.) tonight at 7:30 p.m. and join on in.

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