De La Soul

Until the release of this year's Are You In? Nike+ Original Run project, the last time the masses got a full-fledged dose of De La Soul was the group's 2006 mixtape, The Impossible: Mission TV Series, Pt. 1.

Between then and now, though, fans were blessed with a few collaborations and, in 2008, De La hopped on the Rock the Bells tour (even if the group wasn't on the Dallas bill). Still, for those of us who have had the hook to "Ring, Ring, Ring (Ha Ha Hey)" off 1991's De La Soul Is Dead as their voicemail greeting, this show—this experience—has been a long time coming.

De La Soul has successfully done something that's not often seen in hip-hop: The trio of Posdnuos, Trugoy and Maseo has matured and evolved without losing the appeal that originally made it popular in the first place. The guys never needed a shtick, and they certainly didn't need to "dress the part" of being rappers, either. They just make good, unpretentious music—and that's served them well, now turning the corner on 20 years in the recording industry.


De La Soul

You'll definitely wanna hit this show if you find yourself suffering from '90s nostalgia and Lil' Wayne overload.


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