Deep Ellum Throws Hip-Hop A Bone Tomorrow Night

Deep Ellum Throws Hip-Hop A Bone Tomorrow Night
The Subchronicles Crew (Mark Zizzo)

It’s been a while since local hip-hop heads actually had to decide between two shows going down at the same time. But tomorrow is one of those nights.

As part of their whirlwind local Denglish CD release tour, PPT will perform with Chomsky vet Glen Reynolds at the Double-Wide. And Deep Ellum's The Bone will, at the same time, host an all-local Hip-Hop Showcase from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

That latter option offers a diverse lineup, to say the least.

Performers range from dudes who claim they “smoke your weed, then we leave,” to a born-again Christian rapper. About the only thing you won’t hear is commercial rap—this bill is all indie.

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Performers include The Subchronicles Crew (the aforementioned weed bogarters), Playdough (who comprises roughly 20 percent of the Deepspace5 collective, a not-too-preachy Christian rap group), NonSpecific, Pihon and The Extra Disgruntled Terrestrial (who rhymes--sometimes in Spanish--over some out-there beats, with samples ranging from wild free jazz to Metallica).

As for which you should attend, well, the choice is yours. --Jesse Hughey

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