Deerhoof, Experimental Dental School, Flying, Hawnay Troof

Offend Maggie is the name of Deerhoof's new album on Kill Rock Stars. It is, like the group itself, totally indefinable. It can make you cry, for some reason, as it scratches your skull. It's so earnest, but it's so smart too. And with it, you get a new kind of unroboticized dance music, a punky new world music, from singer Satomi, who always sounds like your new best friend.

Last year's Friend Opportunity found the group finally reaching that shaky place where their experimental, avant-garde instincts knew enough to stumble upon music that made the heart go boo—somehow. This one is even better, grander, deeper, funnier, more heartbreaking—somehow. How do they do their noisy, jazzy, sort-of-funky, not-too-sweet, never-ever-sour sound for these and all future times? Don't ask. Just let it happen.


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