Demi Lovato's New Video, Apparent Sexuality Get Pimped On Myspace

To those of you who think we only post about the Jonas Brothers on here: Boy, are you misinformed!

For instance, we also post items about Colleyville's own Demi Lovato , who, you might have already noticed, has her new video plastered all over Myspace today under the guise that she's a "featured icon", whatever that means. Also, Myspace promises that the video shows a "different side" to the 16-year-old--to which our very own Jesse Hughey responds, "How many sides can a two-dimensional thing have?"


Alas, that's the video posted above. And, uh, let's just say that, unless you're under 18 or a pervert, it makes for some uncomfortable-at-best viewing. As South Park showed us last week , Disney has a knack for hyper-sexualizing its teen stars...

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