Denton's Fishboy Gets Some Blog Love

Denton's Fishboy Gets Some Blog Love

Oddball indie-poppin' Denton act Fishboy has been getting some legit blog love of late. For the second day in a row, the eclectic act, which is signed to HHBTM Records out of Athens, Ga., has found itself mentioned on aggregation blog The Hype Machine's radar.

Today, the Another Form of Relief blog offered a downloadable mp3 of the song "Halftime at the Proper Name Spelling Bee." And yesterday, the i guess i'm floating blog hosted an mp3 of the track "Parachute (Using The Ghost Of Buddy Holly As A)" for download.

Why the recent love for Fishboy's 2007 release, Albatross: How We Failed to Save The Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll? Well, as i guess i'm floating points out, because the band recently released a new music video for "Parachute (Using The Ghost Of Buddy Holly As A)". Check it out (after the jump):

Cute, right? I think so.

And, not to burst those other blogs' bubbles or anything, but we've got something else to clue you into. Head to Fishboy's Web site, click "Yo! Fishboy!" and then click "music" and you can download both of the aforementioned tracks in one convenient location--plus a third, "Tacqueria Girl," which is also on the Albatross disc. -- Pete Freedman

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