Mmmm. Freaky tea is so delish.
Mmmm. Freaky tea is so delish.

Devendra meets Jana

We here at the Dallas Observer have been reading a lot about the days of disco. We're not sure why. In any case, we've become kind of obsessed with Andy Warhol's place in the '70s culture, specifically his magazine Interview, in which musicians and celebrities interviewed other musicians and celebrities. It is in that spirit we present to you our version of what might take place if freak folkers Devendra Banhart (born in Houston, by the way) and Jana Hunter (also from Houston) were to interview each other.

Devendra Banhart: Hey.

Jana Hunter: Hey. I like your dashiki.


Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart and Jana Hunter perform Saturday, October 6, at the Granada Theater.

DB: Thanks. My ex-girlfriend gave it to me. Her name, oddly enough, was Dashiki.

JH: Freaky.

DB: Yeah...

JH: Um, so you have a new album out?


JH: Uh...Devendra? Your album...?

DB: What? Oh, sorry—I was drifting off on the astral plane there for a bit. Yes, the album. It's called Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. Critics have hailed it as a haunting, introspective update on folk music, which is way different than my last album, which they called a folky, updated haunting of introspection.

JH: What's your favorite part of song writing?

DB: Oh...the part where I smoke pot. Oh, and the part where I drink tea. You know, freaky tea.

JH: Anything else?

DB: Um...oh, using my exotic, warbly voice to its fullest. And also playing crazy instruments from all over the world. Like this glockenflugelbunjeeroo. It's kind of like a ukulele with 27 strings, each tuned to different gamma ray wavelength coming from the sun. You play it by lying on your back, using your toes to strum the strings while you have your thumb up your ass. I got it in Norway.

JH: I see...Um, so isn't this the part where you interview me?

DB: What? Oh, of course. Let's see, first question...How much do you like my music?

JH:'s great, I guess...

DB: That's what everybody says! Remember when I wrote that song about a spider? Everyone loved that!

JH: Yeah, that was...interesting. So...did you know that I was in youth orchestra in Fort Worth when I was 16.

DB: Far out. Hey, you know that part on my album where...

JH: Anyway, and I have an EP out, called Carrion.

DB: Really? What does it sound like? Is it freaky?

JH: Um, it's slow, folky songs featuring my warbly voice and odd little touches.

DB: Hey—that sounds just like me!

JH: Yeah, I guess it does.

DB: Hey, wanna come to Norway with me? You know that spider song? Well, a beer company paid me lots of money to use it in a commercial, so we can fly first class.

JH: I would, but, uh, the muse is calling. I have to go write another song people will describe as "ghostly."

DB: Far out. See you at the show. Have a freaky day!

JH: Yeah. Um, far out to you too.


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