Did Dorrough Walk From The BET Hip-Hop Awards Winless? Maybe. Dunno Yet. But He Did Perform With Snoop, Soulja Boy, Jim Jones and Nipsey Hustle...

Dorrough, DJ A Bay Bay, Dr. Teeth and DJ Merk on the red carpet at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.
Dorrough, DJ A Bay Bay, Dr. Teeth and DJ Merk on the red carpet at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Though the footage from the event won't air until October 27, the 2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards were filmed Saturday. And though he was up for three nominations at the awards show, it doesn't appear as if Dallas-based rap phenom Dorrough, famous for his nationwide hit single "Ice Cream Paint Job," walked with any hardware.

Well, we can't say that for sure just yet, actually. Seems the BET folks are doing a decent job of keeping the results fairly concealed despite the time delay. That said, while we still don't know whether Dorrough walked with awards in either the Best Hip-Hop Video or Viewer's Choice awards categories, we do know this much: The Rookie of the Year award went to former Degrassi star and Lil Wayne-supported artist Drake.

Still, even if he did walk away winless, the awards still appear to be worth your watching while--if only because Dorrough performs "Ice Cream Paint Job" during the show, with a little help from Snoop Dogg, Soulja Boy, Jim Jones and Nipsey Hustle, who all appeared together on stage as they do in one of the song's official remix takes. And Dorrough's Twitter account has the pics to prove it.

After the jump, just for kicks, check out a mashup remix Dorrough's pal DJ Merk (see above right) did for another Dorrough hit "Walk That Walk," where the song gets combined with fellow Dallas hip-hop group The GS Boyz's "Stanky Legg." And, for good measure, a dance remix of Drake's "Forever," created by DOMA-winning area DJ, Yeahdef...

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