Digable Planets, Strange Fruit Project

Thanks to the brainy backpack-rap explosion they did as much as anyone to ignite, Digable Planets' two studio albums no longer sound as ground-breaking as they once did. But they still sound pretty damn nice: If you haven't dug into the luxurious soul-funk grooves on 1994's Blowout Comb lately, do yourself a favor and spin "Dial 7 (Axioms of Creamy Spies)" immediately.

In 2005, after a decade apart, the three Planets reunited and have been performing somewhat steadily since; each has kept individually busy, as well. (Peep Ladybug Mecca's work on this year's debut by the all-star kiddie-rap collective Dino 5.) According to the group's MySpace page, they're at work on a new CD too—a sneak peek at which they might provide with this stop at the Granada Theater. Because, y'know, they're cool like that.

Waco's Strange Fruit Project opens.


Digable Planets|Strange Fruit Project

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