Digitalism, Dub Assembly

German duo Digitalism is slyly making its way into the American electro scene with appearances at both Coachella and the HARD tour earlier this year. Like the offspring of Daft Punk, they balance upbeat techno jams with more mellow fare, comfortable at both ends of the robotic spectrum. Add some energizing vocals, and the urge to move becomes irresistible. Jens "Jence" Moelle and Ismail "Isi" Tüfekçi, the men behind the hardware, are on their first American headlining tour of the year, aptly named the I Love You, Dude tour after their second full-length, which dropped in June.

The five-year-old Dub Assembly is a local record label that features several of its artists during one show. Producers like Jason Mundo, Aires 3 and Royal Highnuss all pay tribute to old-school UK garage and dubstep while simultaneously adding their own flavor, some even on turntables. The music will definitely be top-notch, so be sure to show some love to the bands that love you, dude.

—Tiney Ricciardi


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