Dillinger Escape Plan, Dysrhythmia

New Jersey nutballs in love with heavy-metal power and prog-rock technique, the Dillinger Escape Plan plays absurdly complicated art punk that's got more in common with old-school outfits like Faith No More (whose Mike Patton actually sang with DEP for a 2002 EP) than with any of the mall-core screamo acts on this summer's Warped Tour. Live, the band sacrifices some of its in-studio precision for a balls-out attack that's been known to induce injury. Headbang with care (and request their oddly faithful cover of Justin Timberlake's "Like I Love You"). Brooklyn-based power trio Dysrhythmia is similarly smitten with blinding riffs, though it's seemingly uninterested in providing evidence of a sense of humor.


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