Dillinger Escape Plan, Hella

O spasmolytic scions of math metal, listen and listen well: Stop-on-a-dime, ADD-driven thrash-skronk doesn't get heavier or more intense than the Dillinger Escape Plan. Their latest, Miss Machine, may have driven them out of the underground just a tad, having even appeared live on the nu-school Headbangers Ball on MTV2, but that doesn't mean they can be topped in the live arena. Billy Idol has never been desecrated quite as badly as on Dillinger's "Rebel Yell." Opening is Sacramento's Hella, whose confounding 2005 double album Church Gone Wild/Chirpin' Hard was part spazzy electro-pop, part twittering, mutant skree-core à la the Locust. They're already back with another double release of sorts--new EP Homeboy and DVD Concentration Face--but once again, don't settle on the studio material, because it's hard to beat this sort of thing in the flesh. Opening is Raleigh, North Carolina's Between the Buried and Me.

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