Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton may be the best celebrity ever. She's amazing with fans, she's witty and charming, and damn if she can't make us weep with those songs and the stories that inspired them. Don't even get us started on that tiny, mighty figure onstage divulging the poverty-stricken tale of "Coat of Many Colors." (Sniff, sniff.) Her return to roots country was a welcome change from the current for-profit styles of acts like Big & Rich (check out 1999's The Grass Is Blue or 2001's Little Sparrow for some of her best recorded music). Parton's always been a star--an unstoppable performer who, ahem, busts out a live show as energetic and enthralling as Bono running laps around an audience. And while a true lady never reveals her age, Dolly is older than U2, still has the purist of pipes and never got boring. How about taking some notes, lads?

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