Don't Mess With Texas Main Street Live Series

Last year, this free weekly downtown series was one of those things I always talked about doing but never did--like going to the gym or paying my credit card bill on time. It just sounded so terrific, the perfect urban late afternoon: me, a beer, a breeze and some of the Lone Star State's finest performers. But dammit if the summer didn't pass without my attending one single show, which is why this year is going to be different. The series kicks off Wednesday, May 4, with good-times guy Bob Schneider, surely one of the hardest-working and beloved singer-songwriters around. On Wednesday, May 11, it's Pleasant Grove, arguably the most talented and least appreciated band in the city. Though their albums continue a tradition of fine songwriting coupled with dark sonic beauty, PG's live shows have exploded into singular events of transporting drama. (Upcoming performers include Reckless Kelly, Brave Combo and Hard Night's Day.) It's free. It's fun. It's downtown. Hell, I'll be there. And afterward, let's go to the gym, shall we?


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