Dorrough Performs "Ice Cream Paint Job" With Nipsey Hussle, Jim Jones, Soulja Boy and Snoop Dogg at the BET Hip-Hop Awards


Well, now that the tape-delayed 2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards have aired and all, we can say with all certainty that, no, Dorrough didn't walk with any hardware at the event.

But he did make quite the showing, nonetheless, thanks to some assistance from the cast of one of his "Ice Cream Paint Job" remixes--Nipsey Hussle, Jim Jones, Soulja Boy and Snoop Dogg--joining the Dallas-based rapper and his DJ, K104's A Bay Bay, on stage for a live rendition of the mix, as promised.

Check a clip of the performance--which, OK, owes a lot to Soulja Boy who at least added some energy to it--after the jump.

Be warned, though: The clip will play as soon as you click.

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