Doug Burr Joins The Cast Of Gossip Girl, Sets Release Date For The Shawl

Doug Burr Joins The Cast Of Gossip Girl, Sets Release Date For The Shawl

OMFG: Maybe you saw Gossip Girl this week and you were, like, totally captivated by the storylines: Where will Jenny live now? Why does Dan always have to have such a conscience? What's up with Serena's new boy-toy? Also: Blair got totally out-smarted, WTF?!?!

Not that I've ever seen the show...

Anyway, apparently--like I said, never seen the show, OK?--Doug Burr's "Graniteville" was used during the scene when Jenny totally went off on that chick who, you might remember, played Marissa's little sister on The OC. Crazy. Or, rather, I think it'd be crazy, if I watched the show. You know what I mean.

Here's what some fansite about the show had to say about the use of Burr's track, on an otherwise Kings of Leon-filled night:

One last spotlight: “Graniteville”, by singer-songwriter Doug Burr, might not match Jenny’s fury as she yells at Agnes, but it’s a great foreshadowing of her later despair. While Burr’s Texas roots definitely show in his music, the sound isn’t exactly “country”. Burr has called today’s homogenized pop country a “broken model”, and fusion sounds such as his might be a good fix.

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So how 'bout that?

And, in other exciting, less personally self-incriminating news, the folks at Spune have announce the official release date for Burr's upcoming Psalms-influenced release, The Shawl (read about the recording process for the disc here): It'll be out on Tuesday, December 9--just a few weeks away. So keep an eye out for that. --Pete Freedman

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