Doug Burr
Doug Burr
Brandon Easley

Doug Burr Makes Magnet A Mix Tape.

Like Sarah Jaffe before him, Doug Burr has been enlisted this morning by Magnet magazine to make a mixtape aims at helping the magazine's online readers get a feel for the Denton folk hero's music. Also: The site's offering two free mp3's from Burr's great new disc, O Ye Devastator--two songs we've already offered as downloads here, sure, but whatever. Still a good look.

Also a good look? In addition to dropping a couple names you'd expect Burr to drop onto his mix--Costello, Waits, Springsteen, Bonnie "Prince Billie--he also adds in Denton's own Lift to Experience, who he calls "near-legendary" while referring to frontman Josh Pearson as a friend.

Meanwhile, says Magnet of Burr:

Is there anything that goes better with impending summer than fresh Americana folk music, complete with banjos, slide guitar and heart-wrenching lyrics? Luckily, Denton, Texas, native Doug Burr is here with his third record, O Ye Devastator (Spune/Velvet Blue Music), just in time for long drives with the windows rolled down and days lounging on the beach. We have a feeling that by August, our copy of the album will be pretty worn out.

A good look, indeed. Read the whole piece here.


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