Mountain Dew: Code Denton
Mountain Dew: Code Denton

Download: Neon Indian -- "Sleep Paralysist"

As promised, DFW's own Neon Indian released a new single via Mountain Dew's new Green label Sound entity today, and the song's available as a free download through the label's site. The song, called "Sleep Paralysist," is pretty token Neon Indian, filled with blips, bleeps and a repetitive, synth-based beat. It's a little less backward-thinking than past Neon Indian songs, but, unsurprisingly, it's still pretty darn rad.

Oh, and here's a cool note: The song was co-produced between bandleader Alan Palomo and Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor.

My only reservation? With more and more Neon Indian songs being written, I worry that the band's encores will no longer solely comprise of VEGA songs. Oh well.


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