Dragna, The Action Is, The Archons

Remember ZZ Top's early albums such as Tres Hombres and Deguello? This was back when the Texas trio still played creepy psychedelic blues, laden with dark riffs and even darker atmosphere, before they cheesed out with "Legs" and that stupid car.

Dallas' Dragna recovers that era of unique Texas blues-rock, with heavily distorted guitar riffs that take their time and harmonica as sharp and quick as a rattlesnake. It's not so much these dudes are derivative or that they sound particularly like early Top; rather they indulge in a lost art, an old Texas tradition of being crazy and not giving a fuck. You'd best step carefully if you choose to listen to their disc Another Texas Highway Riot, because you might find yourself transported back to a time when bands like those tres hombres, along with bands like the Hickoids, had no problem mining the depths of hard-charging music, be it the screechy punk of Iggy Pop or more along the lines of Merle Haggard. This is music to drink beer to. This is music to get in a fight to. This is music that just might get you arrested. It's about time.


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