Drop the Lime

The current reigning ambassador of the loosely defined mash-it-up genre known as breakcore, Luca Venezia--aka Drop the Lime--has been expanding the palette of club music aficionados since he broke on the scene in 2003. DTL's blend of grime/dubstep, frenetic 4/4 techno, IDM and Baltimore house, along with a fuck-the-rules attitude, distills the breakcore movement into its basic element of style: Where other electronic genres are typically defined by their set of bleeps, tempo and arrangement, breakcore, much like early punk, is much more about fashion and attitude than any specific sound. DTL's ability to bridge the gap between some of EDM's more abstract rhythms and straight 4/4 rump shakers at his Trouble & Bass parties has gained him a loyal underground following amongst the too-cool-for-school Cobra Snake set of NYC. His releases on the likes of Ambush, Peace Off, Broklyn Beats, Mirex and his now infamous 2005 debut, This Means Forever on Tigerbeat6, gained him much respect among crate-diggers the world over. Don't sleep as local sonic ambassadors DJ Keith P, DJ Mundo and Schwa will be sure to set it off early.

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