Drums & Tuba

The Spinal Tap quip about the thin line between clever and stupid holds truer than ever in these postmodern days--really, it can be the height of arch hipsterism to elevate the utterly uncool into totally rad kitsch. And what could be squarer than the tuba? But this Austin-birthed and now New York-based and clearly influenced trio of drums, tuba and guitar are dead serious about their tuba coolness. On Battle Olé, their most recent platter for Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe label, they further expand the fecund realm between very clever and exceedingly smart. Having already proven that they can tuba rock with a classic catchiness and oompa oomph to beg intimations of such totemic tracks as Led Zep's "Kashmir," they cleverly retool and add some vocals to punch and squall like the Psychedelic Furs after a year or so of hanging at The Knitting Factory. Downright ingenious, and they rock, hipsters.


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