Much like a baby cougar, the ladies from Kittie are much scarier now that they're grown up.
Much like a baby cougar, the ladies from Kittie are much scarier now that they're grown up.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Booze? Music? We're all over it: OK, sure, Billboard magazine wrote up the Good Records/Urbano Restaurant Rock 'n' Roll Wine Dinners a while back, but hey, DO broke the news on Unfair Park. But this isn't about us; this is about Dinner No. 3, which takes place Monday, May 21, at Urbano (we're giving you an early heads up, as reservations are required, and you should get on that. Seriously, stop trolling MySpace for 10 seconds and get on the phone. Go!). For those who don't know, the dinners involve several courses of yummy food and musical acts, followed by midnight premieres of much-awaited albums. This month, two live bands—Mom and Tree Wave—will play, followed by listening parties for new music from the Handsome Furs, Jeff Buckley, the National and Voxtrot (courtesy of DJ CeePee). Forty bucks, including wine, cash bar after 9 p.m. 214-969-6911.

Shattered: The Rolling Stones were once cool. Seriously. In fact, they were once cool and weird, all smudged eyeliner and bulging trousers and threatening aura—so threatening, in fact, that they once hired the Hells Angels to provide security for their show at the giant 1969 Altamont Speedway music festival (what's the British equivalent of the phrase "smooth move, Ex-Lax?"). In doing such, the group provided one of the most jarring metaphors for the end of the peace-and-love '60s, because one of the Angels ended up going apeshit and stabbing someone to death while the Stones played on, oblivious. Gimme Shelter, the excellent documentary that chronicles the Stones' '69 tour—focusing mainly on the Altamont tragedy—will be shown as part of the AllGood Café's Rock 'n' Reel 2007 series, and if you'd like an education on an entertaining yet dark time in the history of pop music, the film fits the bill. Screening is Wednesday, May 16, at 8:30 p.m.; $5 donation, as usual, goes to the Video Association of Dallas.

Handstamps: Everybody's favorite—or least favorite, depending on who you ask—quasi-Velvets/Brian Jonestown/dark pop masters the Black Angels headline a show along with the Strange Boys Wednesday, May 16, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton...Tool brings their smart, sludgy, somehow poppy metal to the Fort Worth Convention Center the same day...Plug in those Macs and update your hard drive: Another round of Laptop Deathmatch takes place Saturday, May 12, at the Double Wide...Not everyone's cup of tea, but don't pre-judge The Vanished, who bring sharp hooks and witty intelligence to their dense, layered emo-ish sound, which they'll showcase Saturday, May 12, with synthy '80s-philes Black Tie Dynasty also on the bill...The Rahim Quazi/The Campaign/Jessica Quazi show that was canceled recently because of weather has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 12, at Bend Studio...The Von Ehrics wreck the Wreck Room the same night with straight-ahead updated Southern rock, along with buzz band Dragna...There's a comment posted on Kittie's MySpace page that says, "I just wanted to remind you that y'all fuckin' rock!" Er...does one have to be reminded of that? No matter, it's true, the girls in Kittie are all grown up and gettin' all goth metal on us with their Funeral for Yesterday tour, which makes a stop at Fat Daddy's Sound Shack Saturday, May 12, in Lewisville...For something equally lady-centric but a little less heavy on the same evening, check out Mamapalooza at Opening Bell Coffee, an 11 a.m.-12 p.m. festival chock-full of female singer-songwriters...The Shins are so passé—Soular may be the next big thing out of Albuquerque; judge for yourself when they play at Dada on May 12...And finally, of course, Centro-matic, Micah P. Hinson and Dove Hunter tear it up at the Granada Friday, May 11. But you already knew that...


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