Edgefest 18

It seems that, in early September, the folks who run KDGE-102.1 FM The Edge finally got around to understanding what everyone else already knew: The station's annual rock concert, which, in theory, is supposed to comprise of some of the station's heaviest hitters and rock 'n' roll's biggest draws, kinda sucked.

What resulted was the station's announcement of another 2008 Edgefest festival—this one bolstered by more legitimate genre stalwarts: Stone Temple Pilots, The Offspring and, of course—remember, this is The Edge—the Toadies. It was to be a two-stage affair, but, quietly, since the initial word of the show, the second stage has disappeared from the station's concert marketing push. Shame, too, as a couple of interesting acts (Pennywise, Hawthorne Heights, Ludo) ran off into the sunset with it.

Still, what remains—the aforementioned three, as well as Staind, Rise Against, Papa Roach, Alkaline Trio, Saving Abel, Ashes Divide, Gaslight Anthem, Drive A and Seether—ain't half bad. Not half great either, but at least it's better than Edgefest 17.


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