Edgefest 22 at FC Dallas Stadium

Blue October at Edgefest 17
Roger Caldwell

There are all sorts of jokes to be made about Edgefest being in Frisco this year, but we'll save those for later. KDGE-FM 102.1 The Edge's annual festival has become a tradition, and its legions are many. Let's focus instead on headliners The Black Keys, who have hopefully recovered from being on the cover of the January issue of Rolling Stone in matching leather jackets, under the headline "Supercharged Stomp Machine." Gah. C'mon, headline writers. Add in Garbage, Cake, Cage the Elephant, Evanescence, Arctic Monkeys, Chomsky, Ting Tings, Foxy Shazam, Blue October and more, and celebrate Earth Day by driving your car to and from Frisco. Rumor has it Arctic Monkeys may play an impromptu set at Ikea's food court, so keep your eyes peeled.

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