Efterklang, Peter Broderick, Human Highway

Collaborative musical collectives seem to be a way of life in certain regions of the world. The Canadian scenes of Montreal and Toronto come to mind—so too does Scandinavia. Musicians quite frequently move among bands within the communities of Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, contributing broad influences of rock, traditional folk and classical training.

Efterklang (which translates to "reverberation") is just one of the highly regarded experimental-pop bands from Copenhagen that fits the collective mold, and the band is stopping in Denton on its second North American tour. At the intersection of German electronica and freak-folk, Efterklang's music is lushly recorded with dozens of musical contributors supplementing the five core members. And the same is true of its touring outfit: This time around, the band includes seven multi-instrumentalist members, which audiences can expect to see rendering new interpretations of released songs as well as new ones.

Opening for Efterklang (and joining the band as one of its touring members) is Portland's Peter Broderick. Signed to Efterklang's own Rumraket record label (a roster that includes Grizzly Bear and Amiina), Broderick layers strings, keyboards, the odd musical saw and vocals into an ethereal musical collage. Also on the bill: the psych-folk duo Human Highway, an offshoot of indie darling act Islands.


Efterklang, Peter Broderick, Human Highway

Expect an engaging evening of both music and musicians.


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