Why be ashamed? There's a bum rap to be had for liking Eisley, the young Tyler band that straddles that treacherous line between pop-sweet sheen and influence-stirring experimentation, but that willingness to dabble shouldn't leave both music-loving extremes in the cold. I'd love for self-conscious hipsters to proclaim that they rock out to the amazing vocal harmonies of the sisters Dupree, but as long as they hide behind their white belts, shaggy haircuts and anonymous blogging ire, I'll keep on vouching for the band, who wowed at last year's Austin City Limits Music Festival with brand new songs (one of which, the ambitious and snaggletoothed "Head Against the Sky," can be sampled at iTunes and MySpace) that prove the semi-local quintet will continue its masterful tightrope walk for years to come.


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