El Paso Hot Button, PVC Street Gang, Gentle Ghosts

Hailing from Norman, Oklahoma, Mickey Reece, the man behind El Paso Hot Button, combines dirty guitar riffs, pulsing kick-drum action and searing vocals into a tenacious aural assault. Boosted by the energy emanating from all four of his limbs, Reece's one-man garage-band sound recalls the golden formula of other stripped-down acts like the White Stripes and the Black Diamond Heavies. This show celebrates the new disc, Keep Your Eyes Quiet, from Reece, who, despite his Oklahoma roots, seems intent on repping the Dallas rock scene, given how often he plays here.

Joining Reece on this bill are fellow Norman act Gentle Ghosts, which features members of the band Umbrellas, and Denton's PVC Street Gang.


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