Electric Six

Electric Six probably shouldn't be taken seriously, because it's obvious the bandmates themselves don't: They go by pseudonyms like Dick Valentine and Rock N Roll Indian and rhyme the words "Taco Bell" with "gates of Hell." The sextet from Detroit keeps a little of that city's signature garage fuzz-guitar sound but injects it with a big dose of disco rhythm. Each song rides its hook to an epic swell, while singer Valentine shouts vocals that border on commands, as in the breakout hit "Danger! High Voltage!" This all might sound unbearably hip, but the thick cloak of irony is refreshingly absent. Electric Six makes music that is tongue-in-cheek, to be sure, but it's lighthearted. Above all, dancing to the group's big, poppy, distorted dance hooks without pretentious navel-gazing is freeing and undeniably fun. Tonight's performance supports the band's new, third album, Switzerland. The most notable opening act is the Blue Van, hailing from rural Denmark but nursed on American and British classic rock. With its smart, slightly retro guitar sound and Scandinavian good looks, this is a band on the verge.


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