Elephant Six Holiday Surprise Tour

There's little doubting the impact that the Elephant 6 Collective has had over the indie-rock landscape of the past 20 years. A quick scan of affiliated acts provides all the jaw-dropping proof you could need: The Apples in Stereo, Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel, of Montreal, Elf Power and Beulah are just some of the acts the revered entity has spawned. And the collective is still chugging along now, some 20 years after its launch. Sure, the Apples and of Montreal seem to have outgrown it—as has Neutral Milk Hotel, if only by reputation—but nonetheless, it remains. Consider this tour of no fewer than 13 affiliated performers as proof.

What we know about this tour is exciting stuff—founding E6 members Will Cullen Hart and Bill Doss will definitely be there; and they'll certainly be playing, along with their fellow players, cuts from across the E6 catalog. But what's most exciting about this tour, perhaps, is what we don't know. At various stops from past runs of this tour, eccentric shut-in and Neutral Milk Hotel mastermind Jeff Mangum has made appearances, performing various cuts from his revered albums. Can't guarantee that anything like this will happen at the Dallas stop, but, hey, even the chance of as much makes attending this show worthwhile.

And if nothing out of the ordinary happens? No worries. All of E6's stuff is pretty decent—kind of a given when you're able to tour under it some 20 years after starting.


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