Evangelicals, Headlights, Gentlemen Auction House

The Cavern offers you some serious South by Southwest bang for your buck with this Austin-bound line-up. The Evangelicals, of Norman, Oklahoma, don't seem to actually be evangelical—they're not preaching, and we're OK with that—but they are boasting some serious backing for their sound in the form of an 8.1 Pitchfork Media rating of its 2006 debut, So Gone. That alone isn't enough to deem them worthy of checking out, but their energetic reputation could be, especially when paired with the other two acts on the bill.

Headlights, of Champaign, Illinois, sounds like what you'd get if you were to combine the fragility of Cat Power and the exuberance of Regina Spektor and put the result at the front of a retro pop-loving indie rock outfit. St. Louis' Gentlemen Auction House, meanwhile, sounds like a band that picked up the more interesting and eclectic elements of OK Go's self-titled 2002 debut and ran. On their own it's tough to say if any of these acts would necessarily be enough to drag your ass to Greenville Avenue on a Tuesday night, but combined it makes for an interesting ticket.

Oh, like staying home and watching the new episode of Jericho is a better idea?


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