Exene Cervenka and the Original Sinners

After all these years, X still marks the spot. The seminal California punk band recently blazed trails nationwide on the "As the World Burns" tour with a reunited Henry Rollins Band, celebrating the re-mastered release of Los Angeles, as well as a reunion show filmed in the City of Angels. Never one to enjoy a moment's worth of downtime, the original sinner herself, Exene Cervenka, rekindled the Knitters last year for another hay bale's worth of old-timey country swing (The Modern Sounds of the Knitters) and presented a visual art piece at the DCKT Gallery in New York. Then there's the published poet's latest solo outing Sev7en, which takes its name from Missouri's The 7 Shot Screamers, whose members (Chris Powers, Dan Sabella and Kevin O'Conner) serve as her backing band. Despite the personnel changes, the record remains true to Cervenka's roots, mixing throwback rockabilly with crashing surf and punk rock. In other words, it's "Good at Being Bad."


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