Explosions in the Sky

Football was never the game for the West Texas boys in Explosions in the Sky. They were more the shy, skinny artist types, spending more time staring into space than cheering on their hometown Midland bruisers. Yet things have come full circle for these current Austin residents and avowed film freaks, who were tapped to score Friday Night Lights, the film about the legendary football program of nearby Odessa Permian. Thirty-eight million dollars or not (the film's two-week gross thus far), this is a waking dream for Explosions, who after three albums of gorgeous, cinematic and melodic post-rock (like a friendly, teenage Mogwai) get to show the big boys how the game is played. Their shimmering swirls and soulful, marching drums convey an inner depth and emotion that no plastic nu-metal score could ever hope to bring. On their own playing field, Explosions' brand of intensity is one of a kind.


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