Fair to Midland, The Feds, Oso Closo, The Timeline Post

Fair to Midland
Frank W. Ockenfels

Rarely will one find a bill of metal-related shenanigans better than what will take place at the House of Blues this particular night. Local progressive art metal heroes Fair to Midland are the evening's headliners, but each of the other acts offers an interesting perspective on heavy music.

The Feds are certainly the most conventional of the lot, playing fast and greasy hard rock with little time for formalities like melody or restraint; Matt Slider and the rest of this heavily tattooed quintet play meat-and-potatoes rock that should provide just the right counter-balance to Denton's Oso Closo. Led by Adrian Hulet, Oso Closo is rock infused with elements of space and acid jazz. Complex and dense, Oso Closo's recently issued debut, Rest, is music for nerds and metalheads, compositions that gleefully stretch the boundaries of hard rock.

Beginning the night will be avant-garde experimentalists The Timeline Post. Bryan Mantooth (great name), guitarist and vocalist for the group, often lists Danny Elfman and Nirvana among his many influences, but the music isn't as ugly as Mantooth's inspirations might imply. Definitely the softest band on the bill, The Timeline Post should provide some clarity before the walls start caving in.


Fair to Midland, The Feds, Oso Closo, The Timeline Post

Saturday, August 2, House of Blues

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