Fate Lions

Pop hooks can be tricky little suckers. Upon initial approach, they often appear to be mildly hummable little ditties. Then, before you've realized what has transpired, the seemingly innocuous tune has morphed into a full-fledged parasite, feeding on your middle ear, refusing to relent until it has taken over your gray matter.

Fate Lions grasp this concept and capitalize accordingly. Over the course of its thirteen songs, Good Enough For You negotiates the fine line that lies between simple monotony and a band showcasing its signature sound. Thanks to an energy that's bright, urgent and raw, Fate Lions successfully land on the side of the latter.

Led by singer and songwriter Jason Manriquez, the collective showcases the talents of each member, as the lead guitar of Niki Suakum blazes a blissfully melodic course that gussies up otherwise seedy and possibly shameful subjects like one-night stands and "one-dollar handjobs." Manriquez's warm, low tone serves the sunbursts of melody well by providing a slight haze that keeps the proceedings from getting too poppy, effectively tilting the band's vibe more toward the "rock" side of pop-rock.


Fate Lions

It would be a mistake to confuse honesty for simplicity, especially in the case of this record. The imaginative lyrics—with poetry that can be a tad too whimsical at times—never detract from the fact that the songs just sound so damn good.


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