Final Club

Four-piece Final Club have zeroed in on a very North Texas sound, through the use of Denton punk's six degrees of separation: Fergus & Geronimo's Jason Kelly engineered the album and guitarist Chris Pickering's former band, Teenage Cool Kids, featured F&G other half Andrew Savage. Their eight-song debut, following up last year's Hot Gaze EP, definitely feels of the moment. There's tongue-in-cheek lament "Buy Into It," which takes a quick tempo turn from heavy-lidded to mega-riff. "Bad Habits" ticks off its snark in the first line: "Congratulations, you were born and given a name."

Blank Entertainment shines through the wall of effects and pedals to flex something more than just reverence for an era — especially standout closer "Entertainment." From the album cover to the Polvo strain of "Recap," it's a grainy snapshot of Denton punk now.

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