For Every Day

For Every Day is a quartet of really young guys from Flower Mound whose music contradicts both the members' ages and their faith-based associations. Normally, religiously infused rock (especially that of the emo-punk variety) succumbs to vague references to finding the light and a limpid infirmity that makes one question the veracity of whatever particular faith is being invoked.

Thankfully, Jacob Simmons (all 16 years of him) avoids the common pitfalls as he and the rest of these suburban teens rock with power and insight on all five cuts of this debut EP. "I'm tired of running and I'm tired of fading out," sings Jacob with wonderful teen angst on "Laid in Stone," as his 13-year-old brother Nick thuds a solid beat behind him.

Perhaps a bit dejected and downright glum (in "The Price," the barely pubescent singer actually asks, "Where did all the time go?"), Simmons successfully holds the proceedings together with his way with melody and dynamics. "Not Alone," the EP's best track, begins with a well-manicured acoustic guitar riff before the song roars to life, ushering in the most straightforward references to the band's spirituality. "God has a plan for each and every one of us," Simmons nearly shouts, unafraid of the connotations. Startlingly mature, if not overly original, the music and words of For Every Day never let one forget who butters these boys' bread.


For Every Day

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