Fort Worth's Green River Ordinance Roars Onto CNN's Set

The Fort's own Green River Ordinance popped up in a rather unlikely spot this morning, getting interviewed and performing a toned-down, two-man, acoustic take on its new single, "Come On," in, uh, the CNN newsroom?

OK, sure, why not?

Say what you will of the band's saccharin pop-rock, but its busy summer (and, granted, major-label backed) schedule of touring and performing alongside the likes of Collective Soul, Gavin DeGraw and David Cook, you can't really deny their work ethic.

Or so CNN's Melissa Long reinforces in her interview with the band. Also in the interview/performance: frontman Josh Jenkins and Jamey Ice talk about getting their big break by opening for Bon Jovi a few years back, and also discuss naming their van "Lambchop." Real hard-hitting stuff.

Again, the performance is streaming over at if you wanna check it out. And, if you dig the track, the band's done you a solid, offering up the song as a free download on its Web site.

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