(Free!) Gig Alert: DOMAXXI Awards Show! (Now With Presenters! And, As Always, Free!)

Ha! Like you didn't already know.

Alas, I'll tell you anyway: Tonight, we make the Big Reveals and announce the winners to your 2009 Dallas Observer Music Awards, bringing yet another wildly success awards season to a close.

Fun fact: More than 1,700 people stopped through the six venues we ran for Saturdays' DOMA Showcase! Thanks to all who performed and all who atteneded. It was a blast!

Anyway, back to tonight's event: In case you didn't get the memo: Tonight's event at the Granada Theater is completely free to attend. Doors open to the public at 8 p.m.

After the jump, the a reminder run-down of performers, plus info on the VIP pre-party for all you nominees, as well as details on our special guests awards presenters...

Perfomring On the Main Stage!

Performing On the Punk Stage/Circle Pit!

DJing the V.I.P. Pre-Party (Complete With Beer Pong and Flip Cup!)

And Your Awards Presenters...

  • Perhaps the greatest American-born hockey player of all time, Mike Modano. Plus: His wife, pop sensation Willa Ford!
  • The most entertaining second-string tight end in the NFL, Martellus Bennett of the Dallas Cowboys!
  • Host of the Dallas-filmed reality show Cheaters, Joey Greco!
  • Radio DJs Alexis & Scott of KDBN-FM 93.3 Quality Rock!
  • And me, your Dallas Observer music editor, one of the 25 most interesting people in DFW (NBC 5's words, not mine)!


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