Free Stuff Alert: Info-Red Album 'Viktumized'

Free Stuff Alert: Info-Red Album 'Viktumized'

In tomorrow's print supplement to DC9, Quia Querisma gives an enthusiastic recommendation of Dallas battle rapper Info-Red's Kaleidescope, praising his verbal versatility and the album's "mid-'90s East Coast Feel (a very good thing)." You can get a taste for the album by checking out a couple of its tracks on Info-Red's MySpace page.

But for a completely different take on his songs, head over to Rappers I Know, where Dallas producer Rob Viktum offers his "Viktumized" version of the album absotively, posilutely free. As for the pre-Viktumized version, you can get that on iTunes by searching for "infored" or "kaleidoscope." --Jesse Hughey

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