Funeral Drive, with Hand of Onan, Agents of Goldstein and Seis Pistos

"The world is full of children/But I ain't ever had none/Cuz that means it's time to settle down/And give up all my fun"—such go the lyrics to Funeral Drive's "Ballad of Lonnie," a rockin' rave-up that combines the jaded worldview of a rockabilly cynic and the yee-haw exuberance of 21st-century rockabilly. The latter comes mainly in musical form, with the Denton quartet's chunky rhythms, jumping backbeat and perfect timing. "Brite Eyes," for instance, is almost Pixies-ish with its ragged up and down vocals and rhythm guitar shifting from distorted to clean. Singer Jaymes Gregory channels Black Francis and Nick Cave, plus a smidgen of zoot-suited voodoo daddies, while his band raves behind him. Expect a high-energy show, all sweat and booze. And wear something loose—you'll be dancing like crazy.

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